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Leading the way to a cleaner, more sustainable future for all life. 

Here at Love Blue Inc. we work towards spreading awareness and educating the public in the community about our plastic pollution crisis. We work side by side with community officials to ensure more sustainable practices. Together we can protect and preserve our oceans and marine life. Donate below to help our strong volunteers pull a few pounds of trash off our beaches!


9,867 Pounds Pulled

7K Volunteer Hours

The Fight Against Plastic Pollution 

Love Blue Inc. and its strong volunteers are making a difference. Not only are we dedicating a few hours a week to cleaning our beaches, but we are stopping the problem at its source. Working with community officials and local businesses to move towards more sustainable alternatives. We encourage people to get involved and bringing Love Blue Cleanups to a coastal community near you!


Love Blue Inc. is always working for a cleaner future.

Bringing Change to every coastal community near you

Caring For Our Community Together

Spreading Awareness and

Love Blue Inc. and its awesome volunteers dedicate a few hours a week to bringing awareness to their fellow community members, educating them on the pollution crisis we face on our beaches. With our beach cleanup demonstrations and information provided to the beach goers about what we're fighting for will cause them to dispose of their trash properly, ensuring they are not part of the problem.


Working with Coastal Government Officials

Service Subitle

In the Summer of 2020, Love Blue and The Borough of Wildwood Crest came to an agreement to support each other in creating a more sustainable future for our community. We will work together to spread awareness with signage, public cleanup stations, future full time cleaning services, which will provide information on our pollution crisis. We also work together to make our community cleanups a great experience for the volunteers. This is our platform for every coastal community, ensuring cleaner ocean and beaches!


The Love Seal of Support

Stopping the problem at its source, giving businesses more sustainable options.

At LOVE BLUE INC., we are dedicated to stopping our pollution crisis, the best way is to stop it at the source. We have a Love Blue Seal of Support subscriptions for coastal businesses that requires them to move on from the use of single use plastics. We have partners and other options available for our Supporters. They will also receive Love Blue Sign for their store o show support and educate customers on our local cleanups and the crisis we're fighting.


Upcoming Cleanups

Sat, Dec 05
South Albany Ave, Atlantic City, NJ
Dec 05, 10:30 AM
South Albany Ave, Atlantic City, NJ
Get excited, spread the word and get ready to make our oceans and beaches a cleaner place! We hope to see you there!
Sat, Dec 05
24th Avenue North, Myrtle Beach, SC, USA
Dec 05, 11:00 AM
24th Avenue North, Myrtle Beach, SC, USA
Come out to this cleanup and help us save the beaches we know and love!

"Love Blue is ready to change the world. For too long now we've been pushing off our pollution crisis, our oceans and marine life are suffering. The time for change is now. Participate, Educate, and Dedicate yourself to fighting this crisis with us "

AJ Caruso


Children of the Sea

Where it all began...

The ocean has always been home to us. Providing us with our favorite summer time jobs as lifeguards, sending us waves that we shred, and holds our beautiful marine life that we love. It is our duty as children of the sea to give back and protect her .

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