On July 19th, 2019, Love Blue Inc., a Nonprofit Organization 501(c)(3), was born & formed by a group of lifeguards and surfers who shared a vision of creating a more sustainable future. Being on the beach every day, we see the effects of the ocean and beach pollution constantly. Between surfing all of our lives and being around the ocean you grow a love for it. When we were age-eligible, we all decided to chase after our dream job as lifeguards. Being a lifeguard gives you a whole different perspective on the beaches and oceans. The love for the ocean and beach grew even fonder, but there’s a problem, our oceans and beaches are rapidly decaying. Ocean and Beach pollution is extremely overlooked which is why our ocean's ecosystems are being destroyed at a staggering rate. It’s such an overlooked problem because people don’t see what we see. People become blind to the fact that what they leave or throw away on the beach has a huge impact on the environment. We decided to take action on this phenomenon that’s happening right in front of our eyes with Love Blue. So what we want to do is create a movement, which we call the Blue Movement.



With our #BlueMovement, we want to bring attention to ocean pollution on our beaches, which contributes to the overall worldwide phenomenon. Through our beach cleanups, we’re able to get vacationers, community members, lifeguards, and surfers of all ages to come out and get that first-hand look at the problem we see every day. By having volunteers coming out to the cleanups and seeing the situation first hand, they’ll want to come out and help more, and next time they go to the beach they will pick up trash when they see it and dispose of theirs properly, creating a ripple effect. This will drive awareness to everyone in the community and all the beach patrons because everyone wonders why there’s a group of us walking the beach with blue buckets, it’s our #BlueMovement. We want everyone involved in cleanups, we try to target the younger generation the most because the world is in our hands and we will be the ones who can change the path of our world. The cleanups are enjoyable you get to make connections with people throughout the community and everyone comes out because they want to be a part and make a difference.



We want to share our movement all over the world. The fact of the matter is that ocean and beach pollution is a huge problem in our world today. This problem is growing and causing tremendous problems in our ecosystems which continue to grow. We have cleanups at multiple schools on the East Coast with plans to cover all the coasts. Eventually, after we set up voluntary cleanups all over the world, we plan to create jobs. Through money raised we plan to send boats out in the oceans to clean the garbage patches. We want to change the world because we’re all stewards of our earth who are so passionate about the beach/ocean and we want to do everything in our power to save and restore her.