In regards to transforming “The Old Library” into Love Blue INC. Headquarters

On October 21, 2020 our founder AJ Caruso spoke with and presented to the Commissioners board of Wildwood Crest, New Jersey in regards to transforming an old library into the first ever Love Blue INC. interactive Headquarters. He presented ten different concepts that will help our company continue to expand while giving back to the Wildwood crest community where we first began this mission. Below are our ten concept ideas/ plans for the library to headquarters transformation.

Concept One: Virtual educational experience

  • Virtual underwater projection experience

  • 15-20 minute lecture, informational/educational shows

  • Contents of Underwater Experience: (Instructors explain effects of pollution to our oceans & beaches, the audience then goes into the underwater light projection experience with ocean sounds, explain all the animals we have out here in our Atlantic Ocean, close presentation with videos of Love Blue Implementation.)

  • Part of Educational Program 

Concept Two: Research center/educational programs 

We will connect with local colleges (Rowan, Rutgers, Monmouth, Princeton, etc.), finding their marine science departments, setting up summer programs (internships) for college kids, duties monitoring baby marine life, growing dune grass, tank maintenance, some will teach at educational programs

Research Center will contain:

  • Nursery for local animals Program

  • Rehabilitation Program

  • Dune Grass Program

  • Part of Educational Program

Concept Three: Repurpose department/ Mellow Grove

Our Partner; Mellow Grove uses bottle caps and cigarettes from Love Blue Inc. cleanups, repurposing recovered materials, melting & molding bottle caps into skate/surf gear/other products, and using the filters from the cigarette butts to create upcycled surfboards.

  • Interactive visual experience (watch the repurpose process behind a glass window)

  • Workers on other side repurposing products for visitors to see

  • Drop-off Recycling Programs

  • Live Art (Mellow Grove)

Concept Four: Small Gift Shop

Pretty self explanatory, but the gift shop will include souvenirs and goodies for visitors 

  • Sell drinks and snacks

  • Sell Love Blue Gear (informational packets, gear, more)

  • Sell Upcycled Products from Mellow Grove (boards, products, parts)

  • Sell Mellow Grove Artwork

  • Sell Stuffed Animals

  • Sell Crest and WCBP Gear

Concept Five: Informational Exhibit

A small area with some fun signs and facts about the local marine life.

  • Different Shells with information about them

  • Local Fish/Crab/Lobster Decoy with informational

  • Facts and Visuals

Concept Six: Offices and Meeting rooms

Apart from the beautiful attractions that lie within our Headquarters, we need space to let our officers get work done! 

  • Allows officers to work full time on Love Blue in a private quiet office area, bettering the community more efficiently

  • Meeting Room will allow not only members of Love Blue to attend meetings but community members who would like to experience a meeting or wanting to seek change in the community (INTERACTIVE)

  • Can hold community meetings here for Borough of Wildwood Crest

  • Can host weddings (help with lights from Underwater Virtual show)

Concept Seven: Inner City/Educational Programs 

  • Taught by college interns (GREAT ON JOB EXPERIENCE)

  • Summer camp educational program

  • Weekly day HQ visits (2-3 times) a week for several weeks

  • Projection Underwater Experience/Lessons

  • Nursery/Rehabilitation interaction

  • Beach cleanups

  • Surf & swim opportunities

Inner City Programs:

  • Connect with inner city school systems for summer educational programs and opportunity

  • Children get to learn about the beach, they can swim & surf in ocean, participate in a cleanup

  • Weekly programs once  a week, 11 AM - 4 PM (for several weeks)

  • Day consists of: Learning at the HQ, swim & surf (lifeguards swim with kids, ocean outfitters can
    help teach kids to surf), participate in cleanup to end the day (keep track of trash every week)

  • Have cops, firefighters, lifeguards,  come out to cleanup and help, teaches kids at young age these people are good, experience remembered forever

Concept Eight: Garage Use

The Garage will be perfect to store all our cleaning supplies for the Community Beach Cleanups:

  • Buckets

  • Gloves (Washer/Dryer for gloves & other gear)

  • Trash pickers

  • Sanitation Storage

  • First Aid Storage

  • Love Blue Beach Cart

  • Love Blue Trash Cans

Concept Nine: Outside Features 

We feel as though it it important to create a more inviting scene. A  Big open door concept in the middle of building facing the ocean will draw many people off the bike path, will also look more inviting (can see inside *draws interest*)Have a path from the door to bike path (unique, possibly cleanup trash repurposed).

Trash Art:

  • Big Trash Sculptures (Octopus, Whale, Shark,  more) on the yard, cool solar lights connected in it for night

  • Trash Wave (on side of building) *huge photo hotspot*

  • ‘Love Blue Inc.’ on building (Huge Letters to draw attention) made out of trash, connecting lights for night

  • ‘Wildwood Crest’ on building made of trash, connecting lights for night 

  • “Sunken Ship” for kids to play in, recycled trash 

Concept Ten: Outside features (continued)

An eye-catching Awning Appearance…

Solar lights lined up and covering awning, looking tropical palm tree leaves for the roof, giving it a very tropical look. (tourists love the feeling)

  • Community members can hold pop up shops on summer mornings there & tents on lawn

  • DJ area for special events

  • Outside seating (recycled chairs and table?) under awning

  • Outdoor Speakers

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