Together we can.

Love Blue Inc. is proudly partnered with sustainable forward brands to help strengthen our operations & goals in ocean conservation.


Grass Straws are environmentally safer and economically smarter than the alternative straw being used. Grass Straws are eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable. Lepironia Grass is a natural Grass Straws that come from the wetland area of Vietnam in the Mekong Delta.  Once the grass is harvest, it goes through a series of rinses including a saltwater, fresh water, and ozone rinse and then finally baked in an oven to dry. Use promo code (LB) at checkout to have 2$ from your purchase donated to Love Blue and our mission.



Creations you can wear and ride. South Jersey Made.

Who is Mellow Grove?

Mellow Grove began organically; just two New Jersey raised brothers plotting another creative venture. Sam was a recent high school grad who had a mind that would wonder constantly. He always had brilliant ideas but didn’t know how to act on them. He was in need of a creative outlet. Younger brother Benny had been drawing since he was in diapers. Growing up he had a hard time sitting still and found an escape in art class. The two had a love for the skate and surf culture. They were attracted to how the sports incorporated self-expression and forms of art. Something that started as a small hobby soon became attached to their identity. Mellow Grove is a brand built on self-expression. Our mission is to allow our customers to get the feeling of having their ideas come to life through our personalized custom boards. Like a tattoo for your board,

we create with YOUR vision. We emphasize the idea that, “If you can hold it in your head you can hold it in your hand.”

Brand Artist: @trippsmithh. Shaper: @bar.tich

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Welcome to Clearbound Films. We specialize in creating engaging fiction and non-fiction films.



"Every cart built by Beach Cart Creations is handmade and custom-designed; from the color, to the size. We even offer modular add-ons that make going to the beach a breeze!
Our furniture-grade PVC is five times stronger than traditional plumbing PVC, and we use only stainless steel screws and friction fittings for a durable and long-lasting cart.
NEW for 2021, all carts are built using 16" Sand Glider Wheels with stainless steel ball bearings and rust-free extruded aluminum axles rated to carry up to 200 pounds! Schedule your free design appointment today!"



As a family with young kids living on the coastline, we’ve endured the fights over sunscreen application, wearing uncomfortable suits, battling chafing and sand discomfort, and of course-the dreaded public dis-robing, all the while never really loving the swimwear options. We at Raising Surfers, saw this as an opportunity to create and refine and re-set the standard for kids swimwear.  

Welcome to the new standard.
- Raising Surfers 

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Our goal is to create environmental awareness and a social movement to help eliminate litter pollution-particularly plastic –  around the world.
We provide the easiest way to store and remove litter from the land and coastal waterways by offering a co-brandable, compact, sustainable cleanup bag to outdoor enthusiasts.
All profits are used to produce bags that can be distributed for free to schools for educational purposes.
We produce high-quality, long-lasting bags that are made from recycled materials. Barrel Bag is a non-profit 501(c)(3).



Guppi is a brand with a passion for the sea. With 75% of our oceans' pollution being plastic, we aim to lower that number and increase our social responsibility along the way. By providing products that are made from recycled plastic, donating 10% of every purchase to Love Blue, and  with a little help from you, we can make the change our oceans deserves.



You Can Make a Difference


Surf Dreams Foundation is dedicated to helping kids & adults enjoy the sport of surfing. Our goal is to get every kid and adult in the water that has the desire to surf. Our program goes beyond just teaching people how to surf. Here are some of the highlights of our program:

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 Is to Save all Marine Life & Ocean Ecosystems, by Educating the Public on Overfishing, the Unregulated High Seas, & Sustainable Seafood Consumption Practices.

Our mission statement is simple, we want to save all wildlife in the oceans. How do we plan on doing this? We are educating the world's populous on which seafood options are safe to eat and which ones are detrimental to both the Environment and the Wildlife. We are advocating for local and international governments to create the Global High Seas Marine Preserve (a global sanctuary  preserve). Lastly, we are supporting all major cities in the US and abroad to adopt our "Sustainable Food City" resolution.



Sustain Coastal coordinates sustainable services including recycling, food waste composting, water refill stations, conservation, alternative transportation, as well as educational programs and outreach events such as the farmers markets, Earth Month, Pop-Up Thrift Shop, Landfill on the Lawn, and Campus Salvage.